Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed to operate this service?

Yes we have license to operate in the two airport terminals and have special plates to transfer passengers in all of Mexico's federal roads. All of our vehicles count with updated insurances and applicable permits.

What is your policy for children?

It doesn't matter cause the price is for unit, for each van.

Do you have children seats?

Yes, we have children and booster seats available upon request.

How can I locate your driver?

Once you receive our confirmation we schedule your pick up and at the exit gate of the airport our driver will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name printed on it. Click here to see our Official Uniform

Do you rent your vehicles for hours or for private excursions?

Yes, we can rent our vehicles for a minimum of 3 hours and if you wish to take a private tour we can do that as well. In both cases we provide the driver.

Can you transport handicapped people?

Yes we can do that upon request, we also can remove some seats from our vehicles to allow that special people to travel more comfortable.

What if I have a reservation confirmed and my flight is delayed?

When we confirm a reservation we always check with the airline 3 hours in advance if the incoming flights are on time. if not, we will know at what time the delayed flight is going to arrive and we will wait you there, so you don't have to worry about this. If your flight is cancelled for any reason please go to any internet service existent at most airports and email us to inform of your new arrival information.

How can I cancel a confirmed reservation?

The procedure is very easy, just Click Here. Once you have submitted the cancellation request in our Contact Us Form we will review the status of your reservation and get back to you as soon as possible.